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CV About Me

Name Doris

Born York Ontario

How long have i been psychic, from the age of 10 years old. ( When i knew. Could of been younger)

I have always the ability to hear, see and conncet with spirits and feel things around me, At the age of 10 it was hard for me to talk to anyone, about what was happening or what i would see, back them in the 80;s you could not talk about it, It was hard for me to understand for years,...

My first psychic memory was when i was sleeping and woke up seeing my dear cousin past away, and this was in October and it was hard to understand or say anything to anyone, and this happen in October and in November my dear cousin had a died at work ... I was so stunned and didnt know what to do, I told my mum about two days later and she said why didn't you say anything, I said to my Mum what would you of said, ? and after that so many other things could happen,

Waking up to seeing red at the door over top many times, waking up scared and didn't have anyone to talk to. I didn't know what people would say. I have no family history of anyone being psychic or a medium... But my back ground is filled with so much European in me.

Reading become more serious, as i would think to myself or tell other things which they wondered how i knew.? I would do odd readings for friends, This started in England,

I have lived in Austria and were my friends didnlt like playing games because each time i say a number for the dice it could come up and they started calling me a witch....

I could be in my room and start to hear voice and i would start taking to the room which was just me and my dog, and wondering to myself i'm losing it,

but i knew then it would be my spirits and guides talking to me,

when i moved to Austria after a few years, in the middle of the night i woke up and seen my cousin over the door and this is the one who i wrote about at the top he was their smiling at me, at first i didn't know what was happening and then i put the covers over me, and then looked again and he was still their looking at me with a great smile well this scared me didnt know what to do, But at the end i know that he came to visit and let me know that he was around and that felt great.

Many people asked me when and where did i start,? I quess these isn't a answer to this, i have always felt different at a young age, The spirits the guides, around me,

I would think often why me? i would get a sense for situation about what will happen, or have a name for someone or a friend who i would be with, and would sometimes freak them out hehehe, they would said how did you know, i just say spirits just told me,

Spirits would come to me and let me know what you need to know at this moment in time, i never know what will come who will be their, as your angels, Angels will let me know and said Doris you need to give this person a message or tell them this,

I feel i have been blessed to help others, and sometimes i may not understand what has been said ,

Thank you for looking and i hope i didnt bore you, will always add something,

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