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About Genesa Crystal

Genesa Crystal is the coded matrix of your own life force and is directly to the living energy moving in spirals in all forms of growth, development and change, within its design all five platonic solids, the shapes that are the building blocks for all organic life, including the Star Tetrahedon, believed by many to be the geometric shape that surrounds the human body and the basis of the Merkabath,

Dr Lagham saw the Genesa Concept as a model that can carry us from one learning experience to another, integrate the known and probe the unknown.

It is thought that the Genesa Crystal aligns the phyical body with the spiritual body, speeding up life's spiritual processes, When used in combination with meditation and Pranic breathing it is thought to cause the body to increase the evolution rapidly unfolding the knowledge of the Human Self and the God within.

Genesa Crystals are opportunity for people to participate in the healing of our planet, It helps to cleanse and balance the energies of Mother Earth. It is a great tool through which the Universal forces can work to restore peace and harmony to the earth plane , Because it crries the energies eternally , you can set your intent and walk away and let the crystal do the work..

 A Genesa Crystals are also known to facilitate the meditation process, and many people report an increased awareness, while others have deeply moving experineces whilst mediation inside a Genesa Crystal.

Genesa Crystal Have been reported to have a tremendous effect on plants often credited with bringing a lack luster garden back to life , They have also been known to return an ailing tree to perfect health, Nature spirits, fairies and angels are known to be attracted to the Genesa's

A Genesa crystal is composed of 4 circles made up of 8 triangels and 6 squares, this is the geometric shape that replicares a developing organism that holds infiniste potential,

The Genesa Crystal is made from 99% Copper , which is a natural energy conductor. Whilst it has the grounding function build, in, Now i have been using The Genesa Crystal when doing reiki healing and just love the feeling and energy that is coming out, with my work and doing spiritual readings i have been using this with my readings, as well.... their is again no right or wrong, some say that you should just have it on the ground, WHY..... I feel as many friends that its the way you feel, and what you want to add with it.....

As i tell everyone, what others do its a guide or how this may use or feel it has given the energy, if you want to use it or put it in your car why not, if you want to hang it up why not.... What your guides are telling your or what you feel is best may work for you better then what a other person may do..

A Genesa Crystal has been used for years in the Perelandre Gardens, made famous by Michele Small Wright and her work with the Devic Kingdom ,she believes that it draws in life force energy from the surrounding area, cleanses and balances it, then sends it back out , influencing a large area, She has used a Crystal in her home with a similar energy cleansing and balancing effect,

To magnify the love in your life place a Rose Quartz in the Center of your Genesa Crystal , to magnify your inutive powrs and Amethyst , to promote peace and harmony clear Quartz.. People have been known to place photos of loved ones inside the Genesa who are in need of healing.

I do have them for sale small Genesa Crystals are 22 dollars, Med, is 33 dollars and Large is 44 dollars plus postage i make all of them and use copper for the Genesa Crystals will add imformation with them.

Healers can use the Genesa Crystals in their healing work to balance the energies in their offices and to magnify intentions for healing and protection.

Great to use when your doing readings and placing your cards beside your Genesa Crystals

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