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Angels Names

Archangel Gabriel, Whose name means God is my strength, rules the spirits of men, Divine alchemist and angel of magic, he commands spiritual vision, He is angel of the astral and heavenly worlds, He is associated with the Moon, Water, emotions and the feminine side of Nature.

Archangel Michael. The Merciful whose name means, "who is of God or Perfect of God" He is righteousness, forgiveness and the protector and transmuter of the negative, he is patron of Isreal, head of the heavenly host and close to both God and humanity, Micheal is a truly royal angel, He works with Metatron and radiant Light represented by the sun the law of magnetism. Michael is our protector too. as long as we seek to live within Gods Law.

Archangel Raphael. The divine physician whose name means God has healed, triumphs over despair, disease and wounds. Angel of healing and patron of travellers, he is Chief Divine Messenger and an angel fo great ingenuity, Raphael takes requests to the appropriate source. If you are unsure which Angel to call upon for specific helps. call to the appropriate angel. He is an Angel of Great tenderness and also helps with the animals.

Archangel Uriel. whose name means Fire of God. denotes wisdom. toerance, development and sustenance, He is guardian of the new spiritual age and keeper of the gates of Zion. He teaches us truth and helps us to step out of individuality and into wholeness and unity.

The best known Angels

Cassiel, the angel connected to the law of cause and effect, who helos to deal with long term Karma, He enables you to climb out of whatever situation you find yourself in, with true aspiration and effort,

Lumiel the angel for the protection of soul. body emotions and mind, He protects the soul from separation and dismpowerment, the body from ill health, and the mind and emotions from damage and negative vibrations.

Metratron, highest of all the angels he is a prophet ,close to god and surrounded by the Seraphim, He is the highest angel in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and is sometimes known as Phanuel.

Sachiel, the angel of good fortune, who works with Jesus, he is the angel of abundance. Call on him when you need material help.

Samael protects in times of danger, such as war or terror, Call on him for power, strength and bravery. he is also good when havin face negative psychic problems.

Sandalphon. the angel of Earth the guardian spirit, The chief and prototype of all guardian angels, he is the tallest angel.

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