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Reply Christie Knott
7:46 PM on July 12, 2020 
Hi Doris my daughter Laura recommended you. You foretold her meeting her future husband Roberto they are happy and married.
Reply Wendy
2:15 PM on March 30, 2020 
oops I think I just paid for some jewelry, but what I wanted is a 12 month reading... technology is not my strong suit!
Reply Brenda Rivera
2:19 PM on February 7, 2020 
Thanks Doris,so much I felt so amazed by your reading it just help me understand why all my worries and thing I've been feeling. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Reply Denise McNamara
6:34 PM on October 16, 2019 
Thank you for all your guidance. It has opened up a whole new path for me. You are a gift sent at a time i needed guidance.
Reply Holly Palmer
4:15 PM on July 30, 2018 
I was sitting in my living room last night when my witch ball fell from the window! It was hung in a north window and made the loudest racket! When I checked it, it wasn't broken. I felt feelings of loss, which changed when I hung it back up. This has never happened to me before.
Reply Janice Sheehan
6:20 PM on August 16, 2017 
My daughter Chelsea was born at 28 weeks. Chelsea was and still is a sickly child. When Chelsea started to talk she would tell me she saw people and at first I thought it was nothing. I was wrong!! Chelsea stop sleeping in her room for years and would sleep with me for over 10 years she had been sleeping with me. Then for some reason I went to Elmvale and I bumped into Doris.. I told her my story... Doris came to our home with another medium Teresa Sliwinski they explained to us what was going on in our home.. They did a energy cleansing of our home .. closed portholes... But the best thing these two beautiful ladies did was give my Chelsea her life back and encouragement to embrace her gift. Chelsea now sleeps in her room.
Reply Barbara
8:17 AM on June 24, 2017 
We met in Elmvale a few years ago and its always a pleasure to see you. Such welcoming and loving energy I get from you. I finally got a mix reading and I am so happy to know a couple of my animal guides now. As well as my angel. Your reading confirmed to me that I am a healer and gave me a renewed sense of purpose in life. Thankyou and Im awaiting my next reading and plan on getting more.
Peace love and light
Reply kpirwin
4:31 AM on May 5, 2017 
Thanks Doris for another wonderful read shes never met me but always so accurate about me and how i am , i will definately take her advice on all thing's that she has suggested for me and my path Thanks Doris you are a gem 😇😘
Reply David Argenti-Silbermann
8:09 AM on March 18, 2017 
Doris' finding were nothing short of amazing! The messages she received from the other side before we met in person were astounding. Since Doris came, the energy in our home has been positive, and we have learnt to live in balance with the spiritual aspect of our home. Doris, along with another talented medium Teresa Sliwinski, were both able to visually see details within our house before they came in person. Together, Doris and Teresa communicated with the spirits within our home and discovered that they simply wanted to be acknowledged.
Doris also gave us some practical tips about energy and portholes, which have also made a huge impact on our home and our sleep. Thanks again Doris for your help! All the best to you!!
Reply Doris
8:02 PM on March 16, 2017 
Cindy says...
I was reading through some of the comments here on Doris' guestbook about her wonderful readings, but my experience with Doris was quite different from having a reading. I had a pretty bad problem with a negative spirit in my home. It was horrible actually. It was ongoing for quite some time, and I had no idea what to do or who to call. I was absolutely terrified for my daughter, and finally confided in my sister in law. Somehow she found Doris, and we spoke on the phone. Doris knew much of what was happening in my home, and I assumed my sister in law had given her all the information, but this wasn't the case. Just by speaking to Doris on the phone, she knew what was happening here, without anyone telling her. She assured me everything would be ok, and mentioned she was bringing her friend Teresa Slewinski, who is also a wonderful medium, with her to my home. It didn't take long, and Doris and Teresa were at my home to help. When they arrived, they both had written down so many accurate things happening with my home and the land I live on. They both went to work to clear my home of all negative spirits and energies. Both were so confident, and it really put me at ease. Each had their own way of working, and found where the problem was coming from. They explained in detail what they were doing and why at all times. My home now feels completely different, and is quiet, pleasant, and peaceful. These two ladies are the bravest women I've ever met in my life, and are wonderful people. I can't say enough, or thank them enough for what they've done for myself and my family. I highly recommend them both. Thanks again Doris and Teresa!

Thank you Cindy and Family for the lovely comment it was our pleasure to come to your home and. remove mostly the evil man that was holding you all in your own home, he is gone and now its all the lovely home spirits and land spirits that are helping and guiding you all, and happy to hear that all is good love light and blessing lovely hugs x