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Witches Ladder Reading A Witches ladder is a practice, been around for many many years, Dated back to the 1800's in England, And much earlier, Knots is made from knotted cord , string, leather, or wool. Each knot that will be made specially for you something will be added to it, from Feathers, twigs, Charms Hag Stones Herbs and so on, Each Witch ladder will be difference from the other one, one is never the same, You will have 9 knots, and each knot will have a meaning for you, to what is added, You can carry it around with you , hang it up, In any room that you feel that needs the energy, Also great to have around with anything that is not wanted in your home, This purchase will be mailed to you, with your reading, and will not be sent to your email address, I will need your full name and address, to where it will be sent, if you are ordering for a friend, please send me the address so I can send it to this person, The one in the photo is my personal one, Which I take to any house clearing , for protection anything evil that may be around, will come with a hand made bag to store it in, This reading can take up to 4 hours to do as your witches ladder,

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