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Canadian Ghost Search and Rescue 

Spirit Beyond the Realm

Canadian Ghost Search and Rescue

Bringing spirit to light

At Canadian Ghost Search and Rescue, we work to find evidence of Paranormal activity using a variety of tools, photographic evidence and Mediumship to learn more about the Souls inhabiting a space.

As working Mediums we are able to communicate, understand and if needed rescue the soul passing it into the light ,

Of course a rescue is not always necessary, in most cases just the understanding of why these souls have chosen to stay behind or visit is enough to set up a

mutual respect between Spirit and Human inhabitants,

As a team , we are The Spiritual Witches, each with a vast and varying degree of experience and a mutual ongoing desire to learn more about the paranormal and other realms that share our space,

Do you have some activity you'd like to know more about.?

Call, email or contract us via our website to discuss the group coming out to do a Paranormal Investigation on site for you,

Follow us on Facebook at Canadian Ghost Search and Rescue,

House Blessings, Clearings and Protections available,

Watch our website and facebook page for up and coming Paranormal Investigation Events open to the public , New Classes and Workshops

Team Members

Trish Sheridan

Doris Majefsky  

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