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Five Ways of knowing angel is with you.

Angels give you pure, unconditional love, Here are some typical methods they may use to send you messages or to respond to your calls,

Finding a Tiny white feather, this indicates that you are on the right path,A door has opened for you in your life and you have chosen to walk through,In accordance with the univeral law of three, you may well find two more.

Sudden fragrance under your nose, if you suddenly smell a fragrance which seems to come and go, and its nothing to do with your own perfume or body spray, or your surrounding, its likely to be your guardian angel, signifying approval for what your are doing, You'll probably continue to smell the same fragrance from time to time, perhaps when you are talking to your angel or in the same part of your house,

A bright light or colour within your mind, You've closed your eyes and asked for angelic help, You receive a sudden flash of illumination within your mind, It may mometarily fill your mind with light, or may pass across your inner vision like a shooting star, It can alson be a pulsing shape or colour, (often gold or purple). All these manifestations mean your plea has been heard.

Tingling in the air. Hold your hand out in front of you or above your head after a short meditation in which you have asked angels for their support. you will feel a tingling against your hand. like a gentle electric current, angels are around you. If you then call in another angel, the tingling will increase or change in nature, If at first you dont feel anything keep trying, and after a while you will begin to sense the energy . You may also see tiny points of light in your peripheral vision.

A feeling of loving warmth,Often when you have invoked an angel with feeling of love and trust, in response you will feel filled with warmth, comfort,or peace, This is particularly noticeable as heat in the palms of your hands or around your heart, It may be a wave of love pouring right through you before ebbing away.

Sending you all Love and Light,xxx

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